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I help women thrive in business and life by shifting their beliefs, upgrading their mindset, and taking aligned action.

Rapid Transformational Coach For Women

 Unleash Creative Flow and Success - FREE Rapid Transformational Recording

Rewire your mind for increased creativity and success. Reduce resistance and get into flow so you create the business and life you desire with more ease and joy.

You’re at the point now where you’ve had enough of working hard without the results you know you’re capable of.

You spend hours and hours on marketing strategy, sales strategy, social media, writing content,

selling on the phone, building your list, and on and on. 

You've been told that if you do all the things then you too will hit 7-figures in 6 months

and go off to travel the world with your partner and kids running your business from Bali.  


Meanwhile, you're still not attracting the clients or the money you desire and on top of that,

you aren't available for the people and things you love.

You spend your days feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and wondering, 

"What the hell is wrong with me? What am I missing?"


You're starting to doubt yourself.

You're thinking - "Maybe I'm not enough".

You're stuck but you have no idea what to do next. Trying to push through the doubt,

procrastination, and feeling like an imposter is a BIG struggle and it's wearing you down.

You know something needs to change. FAST!

Here's the truth.

You have everything you need inside you to create the business and life you want but your limiting beliefs are stopping you. Your subconscious mind wants to keep you in your comfort zone - because your mind loves what's familiar. Every time you try to jump to the next level in your business or life, your limiting beliefs will attempt to pull you right back to what's familiar and safe. It's how your mind is wired. 

The only way to shift what's happening is by doing the inner work to remove those beliefs.

A new marketing strategy won't cut it.

Let's clear away the inner BS. Then you're free to step into the highest version of yourself and create the impact you're meant to - more clients, more money, and more doing good in the world. 

You're Ready For REAL TRANSFORMATION, So It's Time To Do The REAL WORK

I'm here to help. Together we'll eliminate the limiting beliefs and thinking that are blocking your success.

We'll upgrade and align your thoughts, feelings, and values so you create a thriving business and life on your terms.


Rapid Transformational Coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs.

I'm here to help you transform your business and life beyond what you’ve imagined.

To know your worth and run your business from a place of confidence. 


Forget what you think you "should" do. 

This is about you.

What you believe, think, and feel. 

It's time to do the thing that will create real transformation and I'm ready to support you -100% committed to your success.


A unique approach to change. We work with the rules of both the conscious and subconscious mind, get to the root cause of what’s been holding you back, eliminate it, and upgrade your thinking and beliefs.

Using a combination of RTT, Life Purpose Coaching, and other Cognitive approaches you achieve rapid and lasting results.

Rewired For Success


A 6-week program that helps you get moving forward in your business quickly.  In just 4 weeks you’ll get to the core of your limiting beliefs, upgrade your thinking, and acquire clarity, vision, and focus, so you create success without sacrificing

the rest of your life.

Your Business Beyond Belief


A 1:1 coaching program that helps ambitious female entrepreneurs use the power of their mindset and beliefs to create business success on their own terms without sacrificing the rest of their life.

Simply put this is what we’ll do together…

optimize your mindset well-being, and emotions so you move beyond what’s been holding you back and realize the success you desire without feeling depleted, anxious or like your life is completely out of balance. 

When you’re tired of working without a result and are FINALLY ready to have the life and business you’ve been working for then you’re ready for this.


"Before working with Laura I had the misconception that I had to react to everything or I would explode.

But the truth is, that there's no need or reason to react and explode, and through Laura's RTT, I've learned to be peaceful, and forgiving while being firm with my boundaries, which has had a phenomenal positive ripple effect in my money blocks, anxiety, marriage, and motherhood."

Marta – Pennsylvania

Business and Marketing Coach

"Laura's coaching inspired me to make decisions about what I REALLY wanted to prioritize in my life."


Thank you for everything, Laura!"

Beth – New Jersey

Health and Wellness Coach

"Working with Laura was a pleasure and very rewarding.  She has great empathy for you and your situation and provides tools to gain clear insight into how to address your challenges.  After each session, I felt clearer on my goals and emboldened to make changes that I possibly would never have made otherwise.  She cheers you on, encourages, and supports you.  She is genuinely interested in you and wants you to succeed."

Deborah - UK

Business Coach