Rapid Transformational Coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs.

Coach, Entrepreneur, Mom, Native New Yorker, Tennis Enthusiast!

I'm here to help you transform your business and life beyond what you’ve imagined.

To run your business from a place of confidence, abundance, and worthiness.

Forget what you think you "should" do. 

This is about you.

What you believe, think, and feel. 

It's time to do the work that will create real transformation in your life and business

and I'm ready to support you.

I know what it’s like to have a dream that you struggle to manifest – to try to move past self-doubt,

fear, overwhelm, and self-sabotage. 

Too many women hold themselves back because they are limited by what they think and believe – often not even knowing why they feel this way. I’ve watched many of the women I love let fear and self-doubt

get the better of them so they never reached their potential.



For a while, I did the same.

Several years ago, I faced multiple life transitions including the end of my 25-year marriage, becoming the caretaker of my aging, ill parents, and becoming an empty-nester.  In a matter of months, everything changed.

I felt alone, lost, and completely uncertain about my future.

A few years prior I had experienced a trauma that profoundly and instantly changed my entire life literally in the blink of an eye. In order to survive it, I ignored it but that would only work for a while. As circumstances pushed me miles beyond my comfort zone I had to face what was happening.  

I was beyond scared ( more like terrified) and had no idea where to take my life and career.


I sabotaged, procrastinated, and told myself I was doomed to fail and that lasted for a couple of years.

I knew my future happiness and success depended on finally healing myself

and shifting what I believed about myself and the world.  

The limiting beliefs that I was carrying around since childhood had to go.


It wasn't until I did the deep work of clearing my subconscious beliefs that I found myself, my purpose, and was able to take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur. Removing my limiting subconscious beliefs was a 

complete game-changer. 

I did the work and transformed my life.


I've created a unique method of working with clients that combines psychology, traditional coaching, brain science, and Rapid Transformational Therapy to effect quick and lasting change so women reach their full potential and thrive in their businesses, relationships, and life.


M.S. Counseling – College of New Rochelle

M.A., Psychology - New York University

Graduate School of Arts and Science

B.A. Psychology – New York University

Washington Square College of Arts and Science



Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner - Marisa Peer

Certified Life Coach - Life Purpose Institute


Trying to manifest the business and life you want from a place of fear and feeling like you aren’t enough won’t work.  The only thing that comes from that place is self-doubt, procrastination, and overwhelm.


But knowing your worth and making decisions from a place of confidence and feeling good instantly unblocks you and connects you to your intuition.

Doing more of what you’ve been doing, - working longer and harder without confronting the inner obstacles won’t bring you the success, money, relationships, fun, and vitality you crave.


But It doesn’t have to be so hard.

There is another way!

You can continue to do All THE THINGS or do the ONE THING that actually works.

This approach is different from the usual mindset work because we focus on both your subconscious mind (which controls about 90% of your thinking) and your conscious mind.

This work helps you to dig deep and create rapid and lasting change.


No more inner conflict and anxiety.  You know what you want and are free to go for it.

Nothing else you do will have as big an impact on your success and happiness

as transforming your thinking and beliefs.