Rewired For Success

Ready to Grow Your Business? Then You've Got To Change What You Think And Believe

Rewired for Success is a Rapid Transformational Coaching program that will help you uncover and eliminate subconscious limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in your business. 


If you've been struggling to get your business off the ground and earning the income you aspire to,  then you need to get to the root cause of the beliefs that are holding you back, clear them, and rewire in new positive beliefs. 

 You'll upgrade your thinking, and get clarity on your purpose and your why while learning to break free from self-defeating behaviors like self-sabotage and procrastination. 

When you transform your thinking and beliefs, you transform your business and life in unimaginable ways.

Rewired for Success...

is different because it works with both your conscious and subconscious mind so you experience fast and lasting change.  Laura uses a combination of Rapid Transformational Therapy – an innovative therapy that combines hypnotherapy and cognitive-behavioral approaches- plus coaching, mindfulness, and other mindset work.

What IF YOU...

  • Know you are worthy of the success you desire and have the confidence to show up in your business authentically and consistently so you show up as an expert?

  • Release procrastination and perfectionism so you take inspired action and actually implement your to-do list and consistently get stuff done in your business?

  • Drop the fear of being seen and have the self-belief to be visible every day so you can finally book your ideal clients, make sales, and grow your business?

  • Remove your money blocks so you reach six figures and achieve the financial freedom you want and deserve? Price and sell with confidence in the value of your program.

  • Experience the inner calm of knowing with certainty that you are on the right path to success?  You go about your day with less stress and more joy.

  • Clear old childhood beliefs so you achieve business success, fulfillment. and freedom? Attract your ideal clients and support them in creating phenomenal outcomes?

  • Have absolute Clarity about the vision for your business and the path to achieving it including the implementation of your business foundations?

  • Were completely aligned and integrated when it comes to your business decisions and operations?


How would that feel?  What would life be like?


Laura Lacy-Thompson.v4.v4.png

Hi I'm Laura

I know what it’s like to have a dream that you struggle to manifest – to try and move past self-doubt, limiting beliefs, overwhelm, and self-sabotage. 

I’ve spent over a decade training in psychology, counseling, coaching, and Rapid Transformational Therapy and have spent my career training and coaching people to make positive change.


I do what I do because I have seen too many women keep themselves small, doubt their greatness. and hold themselves back.

It’s my mission to help you quickly and permanently breakthrough your struggle - to move past your internal blocks and step into your confidence, power, and brilliance so you have a business and life that you love.

Rewired For Success 

   Here’s what’s included:

  • 1 Clarity Session to get specific about what you want to change and your goals

  • 2x Rapid Transformational Therapy Session to eliminate your self-defeating limiting beliefs and wire in positive beliefs.

  • 9x 1:1, 50-minute Coaching Sessions

  • 2x  Personalized RTT recording to wire in and upgrade your thinking

  • Daily text/messenger check-ins.

In just 12 WEEKS you'll uncover and eliminate subconscious limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck, upgrade your thinking, and be supported to take inspired action.

Create the thriving business and life you’ve imagined - you are free to get the clients, earn the income, and have the business and life you've imagined.

What are you waiting for? 


Experience this innovative approach that will bring rapid transformation to you and your business.


If you’re ready to... 

  • release years of limiting beliefs and feel empowered to move         beyond your current plateau to new levels of abundance and happiness.

  • crush your limiting money beliefs so you can charge for the true value of your work.

  • gain absolute clarity on your business foundations including branding, niche, signature system, packages & pricing, and more.

  • become the dynamic entrepreneur you know you're meant to be. 

  • increase your visibility and step out confidently as an expert.

  • release perfectionism, procrastination, and faulty thinking so you are free to take action to create a business and life on your own terms.

  • create more success and freedom without working harder or increasing your stress.




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