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“I have been working with Laura for the past two and a half years.  I participated in a webinar on Facebook and was so impressed and intrigued by her approach and coaching style.  When I first began to work with Laura, I felt like an empty shell of my former self. I was uncertain about my future, utterly overwhelmed, and generally in a very bad place.  With Laura's gentle, patient, supportive guidance, she helped me gain my confidence to rebuild my life under my own terms and find my true self again.  I am more confident and no longer feel like a huge black cloud is hanging over my head.  I have pursued continuing education for myself and I am now a certified Divorce Mediator and am finishing up a Certified Divorce Coach program.  I am starting my own coaching and counseling business to help other women navigate through their own divorces.  I owe this huge shift in my life to my work with Laura.  I continue to work with her to set and reach goals, find peace and live my best life. I am forever grateful to Laura.”


Kim – Divorce Coach

Image by Terry Tan De Hao

“My biggest challenge when I started with life coaching is that I felt as though my life was a series of measuring where I should be, what I should be accomplishing or what I should be doing based on society standards that keep me running for years. I never considered a life coach, I was the one that had it all together and usually telling everyone what they should do, and I  was  wrestling with an identity crisis as I knew my career had run its course and I was wanting to do something  with "meaning" and having NO idea what that meant for me.  I knew it was a message of telling me to stop, listen and begin a deep awareness as to what I wanted my life to look like. At the time I started working with Laura, I knew I needed to do the work, but I was all over the map as to how to begin and bring it all into perspective. Not an easy task, As I gotten older, my imperfections served me well and old habits are hard to break. Laura helped me to see what was holding me back when I would get sidetracked with feeling overwhelmed and going into procrastination mode. With Laura's tools and dialing down on some key causes that get in the way, I eventually was able to get past some old ways and move forward with newfound excitement and knowing what makes me feel good. It's not often that I share my honesty and thoughts with a perfect stranger, but I knew in the first session with Laura that she genuinely wanted to help me, had patience to listen and guided me through a great process of self-discovery. Thank you, Laura “


Sue - Real Estate Broker

Image by Allie Smith

“I started coaching because I wasn’t happy with my life – it felt overwhelming with a never-ending to do list and little joy. I knew I wanted to change how I felt every day whether it was showing up for myself, my family or work but felt overwhelmed with all of the advice/self-help out there and trying to apply all of it at once. I needed 1:1 support to truly make a difference for me!  What I found most useful was uncovering what a people pleaser I am! I believed I had a strong voice and opinions and didn’t realize the number of things I was doing that were someone else’s agenda or “should do’s” because someone else expected it of me.   Laura meets you where you are at in your journey and structures your conversations based on what you want to get out of coaching. She holds true to your original intent and reminds you why you started (when you need it!) and gets to your why behind the why. Laura is flexible in where you want to go with coaching and once, I got started, I found so much value that I went beyond the original sessions.  Laura is kind, thoughtful, clearly an expert in her field (smart, educated, experienced) and firm in her advocacy for you.  I highly recommend Laura"

Tish - HR Director

Image by Karsten Würth (@karsten.wuerth)


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