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3 Steps To Becoming a Confident Entrepreneur

One of the biggest barriers to success that female entrepreneurs face is a lack of confidence.

Building a successful business takes self-belief and trust in your own abilities. But many reports on entrepreneurship show that women suffer from a lack of confidence far more than men do. In one report less than 50% of women expressed confidence in their ability to start a business compared to 2/3 of men.

As a female entrepreneur what can we do?🤷‍♀️

How can you up your level of confidence and self-belief so you achieve the success you are capable of?

In the video below I talk about three concrete ways to increase your confidence, but first let's start by exposing the things that will really crush your confidence.

The first one is comparing yourself to others. And as an entrepreneur, if you have an online business, it's difficult when you’re on social media, not to be comparing yourself to others. It's something we do all the time.

Maybe you're scrolling through Instagram or scrolling through Facebook, and you see another entrepreneur who has a business like yours. And according to her Facebook, she's super successful. And you start saying to yourself,” look at her, she's in the same business as me and she's crushing it. And she's making all this money. And here I am, I'm still struggling several years in trying to do this, what's wrong with me.”

This sort of comparison will just crush your ability to feel good and reach your full potential. It will convince you that you will fail before you even get started.

Another confidence crusher is using negative and self-defeating language. What you say to yourself has a huge impact on how confident you feel. If you use negative or weak and indecisive language about you and your business, it will diminish your confidence. For example, how you speak to a potential client on a sales call, if you don’t project certainty in your service or product the client will say NO which will further lower your confidence.

And the last thing that could crush your confidence is having excessive goals, and especially having goals that are unrealistic. Now, this is not suggesting that you don't set goals where you push yourself to achieve big things. But many female entrepreneurs set goals that are self-sabotaging. Failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy which leads you spiraling down and maybe reinforcing a belief that you aren’t good enough.

Ok so now that you’re aware of what’s blocking your confidence, watch this video and learn how to unblock it and move confidently toward your big goals.

If you find your lack of confidence is getting in the way of your success then reach out and let's chat about how I can help. Book a Clarity Session HERE.

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