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Are You Having An Identity Crisis In Your Business?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Authenticity is a rare but important key to success in business.

When you are being true to who you are and what your purpose is – serving in the unique way that only you can, clients will naturally gravitate towards you and feel your genuineness.

The same is true when you are not coming from an authentic point of view. When you struggle with yourself, your message, or you are trying to be like someone else -someone you perceive as more successful – clients will also feel that energy and it will resonate uncomfortably with them, and they won’t believe you.

It can be tempting to look at someone who is more successful or more established and think “I want to be like that”.

Maybe you can even pull it off for a short time, but it is not sustainable, and only perpetuates your own limiting beliefs.

Some of us are just naturally introverted and being seen is stressful and difficult for us – even though we know visibility is key to success in our business. That was true for me at the beginning of my business and I had to be willing to get uncomfortable. That has changed in the last 18 months and as a result my business has grown exponentially.

How do you overcome these limiting beliefs and embrace who you are to bring your message to the world?

Remember who you are serving.

A good way to steer clear of playing copycat or to put a handle on your introversions is to stop focusing on yourself so much and shift to the people you are serving and want to serve.

Your message is important, it is needed, and there are people waiting for you to step out and speak.

When you aren’t feeling very confident in yourself, focus on these people, focus on showing up for them, and serving them the way they need – that only you can.

Your zone of expertise.

Nothing dissolves away fear and puts you into your space like speaking on things that you are confident in.

Maybe you thrive when you focus on habit formation, maybe your vibe is weight loss. Whatever the subject, you could talk about it all day because it really gets you going and puts you in your zone.

Focus on speaking on these topics. Your confidence and excitement will spread like wildfire and have your clients all ears about what you are telling them.

Practice makes perfect

There is nothing better than developing a good practice routine. A lot of the time we feel uncomfortable with how we present ourselves, which makes being visible hard.

Or maybe you experienced something like a client of mine who was teased at school when speaking in public and is now afraid to do live video or be the public face of her business.

She now hides in her business and it affects her ability to attract her ideal clients.

Practicing and watching yourself speak will help you notice the things about yourself that make you feel awkward and help you change them so you feel confident and excited about being visible.

Be patient with yourself.

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to be less judgmental and more compassionate. We can be our biggest critics and a lot of the time make things a lot worse than they really are.

The worst thing that can possibly happen is to be in the depths of an identity crisis AND beating yourself down or not being able to handle it better.

Take a breather, remind yourself that you are doing your best, and try again.

Don’t give up.

The last piece of advice I have is to stay persistent.

Visibility is important for your success in business, if people don’t see you, they don’t know you, and don’t work with you.

We all have our challenges to face and overcome, but as long as we keep trying, tweaking, practicing, and picking ourselves up – we will see tremendous progress.

If you need help with your identity, being visible, or boosting your confidence so you can shine for the world to see, let me help.

Schedule a call and put yourself first today -> link

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