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Is Your Mindset Keeping You Broke? Here's How to Fix It.

In the midst of uncertainty, it's easy to believe in the idea of lack. People are suffering the world is turned upside down, and nothing comes easy.

In 2020 this is the truth - no doubt. But as an ambitious woman who has a goal to make an impact in the world and create a life of freedom for you and your loved ones, dwelling on this lack will only bring more fear, more feelings of scarcity, and more uncertainty. While being realistic is a necessity, dwelling in fear and a mindset of lack doesn't serve you, your clients, colleagues, or the world. You can't make a positive impact from that place.

A scarcity mindset is a belief that no matter what, there will never be enough.

Not enough money, love, time, space, etc.

A scarcity mindset negatively impacts every part of your life.

So what happens when you bring this mindset into your business, career and relationships?

FEAR.  Fear drives your decisions. In the case of money, you act to hold onto what you've got because you fear that's all you get. When it comes to money, it's a zero-sum game. Instead of taking action that would allow you to increase your wealth you either run and hide or give up.

This scarcity mentality becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that occurs over and over on autopilot because it is wired into the subconscious.

If you suspect you are operating from a scarcity mindset answer the questions below and see how it's affecting your ability to earn money and create success.

Respond yes or no to each of the following statements.Go with your first response and don't overthink your answers.

1) I find it difficult to be happy for other people's success or accomplishments.

2) I compare myself to others and how I feel about myself is based on that comparison.

3) I believe life is a zero sum game. If someone has more it means there is less for me.

4) When I do well I feel like I'm superior to others. Winning is what's most important.

5) I have a lot of excuses why I don't succeed.I set ambitious goals but have a laundry list of reasons why I haven't achieved them. 6) My home and office are cluttered and I find it hard to get rid of things. You never know when you might need it.

7) I use scarcity language. The phrase "I can't afford it" is one I use regularly and think about it even more.

How did you do?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions it's likely that a scarcity mindset is influencing your ability to make the income you want.

HOW TO CHANGE To make the change from a scarcity to an abundance mindset requires awareness, shifting beliefs and changing your focus. Here are a few specific strategies that will help you start to make that change.

Pay attention to your self-talk - scarcity language is filled with words like can't not-enough, and those that evoke envy and resentment. Your mind hears every word you say so start shifting your language to more abundant words like - possibility, opportunity, I can, and more than enough.

Notice all that you have and say thank you - What you focus on expands so the more you pay attention to and are grateful, for all the existing abundance in the world the more abundance you are open to receiving.

Embrace Change - We humans don't like change because it feels unsafe. Notice your emotional reaction to any sort of change. If you tend to meet it with fear and resistance be open to acting in spite of the fear. Even the smallest step done consistently will start to transform your beliefs and make you more open to new possibilities in the future.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others - As Theodore Roosevelt said, "Comparison is the Thief of Joy" Comparing yourself to others will keep you playing small. Fear of judgement and not measuring up can be paralyzing so stop doing it. Recognize that you are on your own path so be your own cheerleader.

Surround yourself with optimistic people - Your environment, most notably the people you spend time with, have a huge influence on your moods and attitudes. Optimism is contagious just like negativity so spend time with people who are positive about the world and the future.

If you feel you need help with Mastering Your Money Mindset, we should talk.

Book a discover call here to learn more about my MONEY MINDSET MASTERY INTENSIVE.

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