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Why You Keep Sabotaging Yourself and Your Business

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Do you sabotage your own life and business?

Seems like a harsh question to ask, but if you have lofty goals – and aren’t making any real progress on them, then obviously something is going on.


Self-sabotage is not something to be ashamed of, in fact, it is a very common part of everyone’s journey at some point in our lives. If we learn how to flip the script and turn self-sabotage into self-advantage - we can do great things.

How can you tell if you are sabotaging your own efforts though?

Think about this…

  • You wake up, check your inbox, and review your schedule for the day.

  • You are packed with content creation, reaching out to leads, and outlining a new program.

  • Staring at your list, you decide instead of reaching out to leads you are going to reorganize your new client checklist forms.

  • You want more ideas on content before you work on your layout so you turn to social media and before you know it, 3 hours have gone by and you haven’t done anything yet… or even come up with more content ideas.

You avoided the important work that needed to get done by distracting yourself and doing unneeded busy work.

This is what self-sabotage looks like.

Avoiding what is important in favor of distractions.

There are deep seated reasons behind why you do this, and if you are freaking out right now thinking… this is me!

Let me help you start the process of eliminating these habits in 3 simple steps:

Identify and Eliminate Your Beliefs

The first step to making any kind of change in your life is to identify what needs to change so that you can eliminate it.That rings true when it comes to self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs as well.

The thing that can be hard with this particular step though is that these beliefs are ingrained in our subconscious and a lot of the time we don’t even know that we have them or that we are suffering because of them. This requires some deep work, time with yourself, honesty, and an openness and curiosity to see your behaviors and actions for what they really are.

To go about uncovering your limiting beliefs look at the habits you have that are sabotaging you.

Do you waste half of your day on social media?

Do you fill your schedule with busy work and procrastinate real action?

When you get these habits down, evaluate why you do them.

Maybe you are drowning your thoughts on social media because you aren’t really clear on your goals.Perhaps you are filling your schedule with busy work because you are too afraid of failing to take real action in your business.

Identify these things that are holding you back, get clear on why you do them, and be ready to change them.

Rewire in Your New Beliefs

The next step is to take those beliefs and rewire them so that you can start to make progress in your business and life. This involves taking action.

Change the way you see and talk to yourself.

If one of your self-sabotaging habits is because you are scared you aren’t worthy of succeeding – change what you say to yourself.

Instead of: “I am scared I am not good enough to accomplish this”.

Say: “I am overcoming my fears and accomplishing my goals”.

Journal and write out what is bothering you, where your mind keeps coming to so you are aware of how you are speaking and acting.

Align Conscious and Subconscious Thinking

Finally, you want to align your conscious and subconscious thinking and take decisive action.

Aligning your thoughts comes with rewiring your brain.

No matter what you try to tell yourself consciously, if deep down you don’t believe it, you won’t see results.

Results also don’t come unless you are taking action – which also helps to rewire your brain and align both your conscious and subconscious.

How does this work?

When you start taking action – pushing past your fears – and you see what you truly are capable of, the message starts to settle deep within you that you are capable of more.

Everything starts to fall into place and momentum builds, healing happens – when you act on your desires and goals.

Need more help with overcoming self-sabotage? Book a call with me and let's discuss how to move past it. BOOK A CALL HERE

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