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Why Your Mindset Work, Isn't Working!

A few weeks ago, I read a post in a Facebook group of entrepreneurs where the writer complained that she is tired of coaches telling her that mindset is the real issue in her business.

There were dozens of comments that followed this post echoing that opinion. Many said they were reticent to take on another coach because they KNOW it isn’t their mindset that's the issue. What they really need help with is strategy or systems or marketing.

As a transformational mindset coach for female entrepreneurs I have something to say about this.

You see, I do believe there is a problem with the coaching industry but it isn’t mindset vs. strategy. Personally, I have invested more money than I can count on crappy coaching programs that promised the world and delivered almost nothing.

The real problem with the coaching industry in general is that “coaches” don’t have a deep understanding and knowledge of whatever they are coaching their clients on.

Many coaches have one solution that worked for them personally and when that solution doesn't work for their clients, they have no plan B because they don't have the knowledge or skill to pivot.

As someone who has spent decades learning and deepening my knowledge, this has always bothered and frustrated me.

Here's the truth - Just because you made a million dollars with a particular approach, that doesn't mean you can coach someone else to the same result.

There are so many factors including your thinking, beliefs and emotions that need to be considered.

Human beings are complicated.

Mindset is a critically important part of life and business. PERIOD.

Yes, it isn't the only thing, and those who coach on mindset need to understand business strategy and the interplay of both.

Certainly, not all business problems are mindset problems but doing inner work will ALWAYS improve your business.

In my experience mindset coaching doesn't work for a few reasons. 1) Clients do the mindset work once and think it's done. Then they wonder why the result didn't last and they are back where they started. Mindset work is a daily practice.

2) Business coaches include one superficial module on mindset in their programs because they think they have to. Yet many don't know what the hell they are talking about. Reading a few articles about mindset doesn’t qualify you to teach someone how to improve their mindset.

3)People who call themselves mindset coaches don't have the knowledge or skill to really help people make progress. To be a really effective coach of entrepreneurs, you need experience and knowledge of business strategy and mindset, AND the skills to coach a client to make a progressive change (something that is sorely missing in the coaching industry,).

My clients have seen extraordinary transformation when they start to address their mindset along with improving the other parts of their business.

Once you get to the core mindset problem you will notice that you don't require an entire overhaul of your business.

Mindset work isn’t the only thing, but it is essential to success.

If you want to uncover and solve the problems in your own business from a highly experienced and results-oriented coach who's helped hundreds of women to improve the quality of their businesses and lives, then we should talk.

Book a 30 minute Clarity Call here and see if we're a fit.

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