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Here's What You'll Learn in This Free Challenge...

Go from self-doubt and self-sabotage to SELF-BELIEF to INSPIRED ACTION!

If you're an entrepreneur who can't get out of her own way and your income has hit a plateau, then...

It's time to access the innate power of your mind so it can work WITH you instead of against you to create the success you desire.

Want to learn how?

Starts April 18!

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"Laura meets you where you are. After each session, I felt clearer on my goalsand emboldened to make changes that I possibly would have never made."
Deborah - Entrepreneur, UK

Laura Lacy-Thompson. is a certified Transformational Coach for female entrepreneurs and an RTT Practitioner.  Laura helps her clients to unlock their full potential & breakthrough to 6-figure success by leveraging the power of their mind.


Laura holds two Masters degrees in Counseling and Psychology and began her career in corporate HR as a consultant and trainer.  She started coaching in 2016 and has helped hundreds of women experience life-changing transformations that create exponential growth, abundance, and impact.

She is the mother of two daughters, Nicole and Olivia!

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