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Your Business Beyond Belief


You started your business because you had a passion to create an abundant life while sharing your gifts and talents with the world.

You want…

  • Freedom to do the work you love and live your life on your own terms

  • To create consistent financial abundance so you can say yes to more for you and your family without worrying about the future

  • Time for the people and things that mean the most to you

  • To live with purpose and do what aligns with your heart and values

  • A business that you love. Of course, you work hard but minus the constant struggle

Instead you…

  • Work 14-hour days, struggling to connect with colleagues and clients in a way that will create results while juggling a mountain of responsibilities

  • Wonder, why the 6-figure business you dreamed of, hasn’t materialized. Money is still tight - you’re not earning what you’re worth


  • Spend less and less time with your loved ones – forget about taking time for fun

  • Notice the passion you had when you started is evaporating and is being replaced with pessimism and doubt

  • Find yourself procrastinating and questioning if this is possible

  • Experience general feelings of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm when you think about your business.

Young frustrated exhausted woman laid he


Showing up and doing more of what isn’t working won’t give you the result you want. Doing more of the same - the same strategies, conversations (I’m so sorry, I just don’t have time), to-do lists, and hours at your desk– hasn’t worked so far.



Knowing that success begins from the inside and that no amount of business strategy will work if you don’t clear the blocks that are holding you back.


Having unshakeable confidence that you are worthy of what you desire and that you are enough to create it.


A clear vision, an abundance mindset, less clutter – both internally and externally, and believing in, and loving who you are and what’s possible for you…are what ACTUALLY create success.


Easier said than done, right?

It’s easy to believe...

  • I’m not good enough… when another potential client says no

  • This is too difficult…when months of work produce little reward

  • I’m going to fail…when your energy, confidence, and bank account are at a new low

  • I don’t know what I’m doing…when you haven’t made a sale in weeks


This is what’s holding you back.  You get stuck in a thought loop and you can’t get out.



When you install new powerful and positive beliefs like...

  • I am enough

  • Being successful is easy

  • I am an expert at what I do

You remove any obstacle in your way and stop sabotaging yourself.  Then you’re free to take inspired action that will create the success you’ve always imagined.

When you transform your thinking and start telling your brain exactly what you want while celebrating exactly who you are, your business and life will quickly and dramatically transform into what you want them to be.  

Yuor Buisness Beyond Belief.jpg


  • attract your perfect clients, and consistently reach your financial goals.

  • develop unshakeable confidence so you show up as the best version of yourself ready to serve your clients and be a leader to your employees.

  • have more time and connection with the people and things you love while still creating the success you want and deserve

  • eliminate stress and anxiety so you love your work again – isn’t that the reason you do what you do in the first place?

  • stop sacrificing your life for your work.  Feel whole and experience joy and satisfaction in every area of your life.


Nothing else you do will have as big an impact on your success and happiness as your thinking and beliefs.  You are what you think and believe.

If you’re ready to embody the vision, mindset, and actions that open the door to success and allow you to live the rich full and meaningful life you’ve been craving?



Then I invite you to join…

Your Business Beyond Belief

A 1:1 coaching program that helps ambitious female entrepreneurs like you to rapidly eliminate the obstacles that have been holding you back from creating success on your own terms, helps you align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your subconscious beliefs so you can create the business and life you want on your own terms.

  • Eliminate the blocks that stop you from realizing your goals and dreams

  • Optimize your beliefs, thinking, well-being, emotions, and environment so you transform and realize the success you desire without feeling depleted, anxious, or exhausted. 

  • Have absolute clarity on the foundations of your business so you attract and impact your ideal clients.

  • Align your goals, beliefs, and actions so create the income that leads to financial freedom. 

  • Live the life and have the business you desire, and... 

  • Best of all, you’ll do it fast.

Unlike the majority of mindset coaching programs, we address both your conscious and subconscious thinking using Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT.  This gets to the root cause of the issue, eliminates your blocks, and rewires your thinking quickly and permanently. I then guide you to merge your new beliefs with your business goals

and implement meaningful action.  We also address the foundations of your business like your niche, branding, signature process, pricing, and programs so you create a magnetic marketing message.






















3 Rapid Steps to Success

1REWIRE – Quickly Remove the obstacles blocking your success and shift how you think, feel, and act in your business, career, and life.  The fear and resistance that have been stopping you will disappear. You easily move forward toward what you want. That negative thinking is no longer in control.  YOU ARE. You quickly get to the truth of what’s stopping you, eliminate it, and install new ways of thinking that that will exponentially increase your results.


2)  ALIGN – Creating your dream business, and life on your own terms takes more than just setting goals and having the right marketing strategy.  It requires absolute clarity of vision on your big WHY and YOUR definition of success- not someone else’s. Eliminate confusion and instead remain connected to your dreams and desires in your life and work. Establish crystal clear business foundations and become a magnet for your soul-mate clients,


3)   EMPOWER – Not all action is created equal. Now that you’ve connected to your vision and values and removed what’s been getting in the way, knowing what action to take is simple so you can serve at the highest level and bring your best self to your work.  



The Details

  • a 90-minute Jump Start Assessment Session

  • 12, 1- hour bi-weekly, coaching calls over 6 months. (3 month is available which includes 6 coaching calls)

  • 2 Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions to release and heal the obstacles in the way. (1 RTT Session in the 3-month program)

  • 2 personalized RTT Recordings to reinforce the transformation of your RTT session.

  • Workbook and Video Trainings - Additional targeted content to reinforce and expand on what we cover in the sessions.

  • Weekly check-ins and daily text and email access

  • 3 Monthly Maintenance Calls – Once we finish our initial 6 months, you’ll need further support and accountability to keep you on track



"When I first began to work with Laura, I felt like an empty shell of my former self. I was uncertain about my future, utterly overwhelmed, and generally in a very bad place.  With Laura's gentle, patient, supportive guidance, she helped me gain my confidence to rebuild my life on my own terms and find my true self again.  I am more confident and no longer feel like a huge black cloud is hanging over my head.  I am starting my own coaching and counseling business to help other women navigate through their own divorces.  I owe this huge shift in my life to my work with Laura.  I continue to work with her to set and reach goals, find peace and live my best life. I am forever grateful to Laura.”  Kim – New Jersey

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit with a no-obligation Clarity Call.  I’ll explain in greater detail how my coaching works, and also answer all your questions.


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